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Estate Planning & Administration

Verity Law advises and assists clients with issues in three primary areas: estate planning and administration; gift planning; family and closely held business administration and transition planning. Verity Law works closely with each client to develop a complete understanding of the client’s goals and priorities, the dynamics of the client’s family, and the legacy that the client wants to secure. As a corollary to the estate planning process, we provide counsel to surviving spouses and surviving children relating to administration of estates and trusts and transition of property to beneficiaries. Verity Law is experienced at providing counsel to clients who own controlling interests in businesses. We work with these clients to ensure that an effective transition plan is in place so that the business may be continued by family members, employees, or others, and so that the financial value and the legacy of the business may be maximized and maintained.

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Business Law

Verity Law provides general and specialized counsel in business, commercial and financial transactions. Jay Rosloniec has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, commercial transactions, corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships. Verity Law assists in the formation and organization of all types of business organizations, both for profit and non-profit including corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. We guide the client through the choice of entity by understanding the prospective core business goals and strategies, and we aid the client in developing a management, capital and tax structure that meets the organization’s needs. Verity Law excels at a wide variety of acquisition transactions, such as: mergers; purchases or sales of assets or stock; and tax-free reorganizations. Although each transaction’s circumstances are unique, every sale or purchase of a business inevitably requires consideration of issues in a number of different areas of law in which Jay Rosloniec is experienced, including: tax; real estate and general business law.

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Real Estate

Verity Law draws upon our depth and breadth of experience on all sides of real estate matters and transactions to give clients a realistic and fair assessment of the risks, benefits and obligations of a particular course of action. Jay Rosloniec represents clients engaged in every facet of real estate law, including, buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, developers, lenders, investors, brokers and others. Jay Rosloniec represents clients in the purchase, sale or leasing of virtually all types of real property, both commercial and residential. Working with developers from inception of a project through completion of the project allows Verity Law to assist clients with all aspects of land use planning, acquisitions and sales, and construction.

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Jay Rosloniec has been a longtime proponent of mediation as an effective alternative form of dispute resolution. With a goal of assisting his clients and other parties in avoiding the time, expense, and headache of traditional litigation, Jay became a court certified mediator in 2011. Verity Law provides mediation services to parties involved in a wide range of legal disputes. Jay Rosloniec has been trained in general civil mediation, domestic and family law mediation, and special education mediation. Each mediation is unique and offers the participants the opportunity to find creative solutions to their legal disputes that are often not available within the framework of traditional litigation. Jay Rosloniec’s broad range of mediation experience has allowed him to mediate a variety of different types of disputes including, contract/business disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, construction disputes, real estate disputes, personal injury cases, and disputes between business owners.